Thursday, January 31, 2013

THE LAST WHITE KNIGHT: Is Reconciliation Possible....Interview With Director Paul Saltzman

This is a recording of an phone interview that I edited and produced for my radio show, "THE MIDDLE PASSAGE", Radio Regent, that I had with Canadian documentary filmaker Paul Saltzman. We talked about his latest documentary, "The Last White Knight: Is Reconciliation Possible" a film that takes Saltzman back to Greenwood, Mississippi where, as a 21 year-old, he went to do volunteer work with SNCC to help blacks register for the vote back in 1965. There, he had an encounter with 19 year-old klansman Delay de la Beckwith, son of notorious klansman Byron de la Beckwith, a man who was found guilty of the murder of civil rights icon, Medgar Evers. Saltzman recounts those tumultuous years and also of meeting with Delay de la Beckwith after all of these years to see if there could be a reconcilliation....enjoy! (PLEASE CLICK ON TITLE TO ACCESS MEDIA PLAYER!)

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